School of Entrepreneuship

Are you among those who have the bug of entrepreneurship?

Do you want to become the ultimate businessman with consistent and great results?

Do you have the necessary knowledge to achieve that?

Do you have the necessary connections to help you?

Do you have necessary time and capital required to acquire this knowledge?


The “School of Entrepreneurship” was created for you!

It is true that academic studies in the field of business are very important. They offer you all the necessary tools and knowledge in order for you to understand how the business world works and operates.

However there are some very important issues that make less people being able to study:

  • Business studies last one to two years
  • Teachers have theoretical knowledge rather than practical i.e they don’t come from the “battlefield”. In other words, they are not real entrepreneurs.
  • Students, in the overwhelming majority have no experience in real life businesses and they do not know what they will do when they graduate.
  • The class consists of too many participants and the lessons are NOT personalized.
  • Most importantly, tuition fees at universities and private schools are prohibitive based on cost (eg ALBA College: € 15,000)

Imagine being able to attend a school where:

  • he courses were in the form of intensive workshops in a 12-week crash course basis.
  • Teachers were all active entrepreneurs from all sectors of the business world and the educational material would focus on real life conditions.
  • The students were all with actual business ideas and with zeal and mood to bring real results.
  • The class would consist of maximum 10 participants.
  • Most importantly, the tuition fee would be 1/10 of the price!

This school exists and we call it “School of Entrepreneurship”

The “School of Entrepreneurship” is a 12-week crash course intensive program designed to give all the directions, steps and mechanisms to those who want to create their own business from scratch starting by just an idea.

The “School of Entrepreneurship” is exclusively for those people who have a certain and clear idea in mind for realization.

It is NOT for those who want to just take some extra knowledge on business.


What we have included in the “School of Entrepreneurship”:

  1. 12 weeks of intensive crash course
  2. How do you set up a company and what kind of company we recommend?
  3. Product or service: Positive and negative analysis
  4. Become Master in Sales
  5. Social Media Strategies & Marketing
  6. Business Plan: Design and execution
  7. Partnerships, Funding
  8. Develop Your Brand
  9. Mentoring
  10. Real life case studies



  • Contributions from Distinguished Accountants, Tax Consultants, Financial Analysts
  • Mentoring and lecturing from active entrepreneurs with businesses around the world
  • Contacts with Bank Advisors on issues regarding raising finance
  • Mentoring and Personal Coaching
  • Certification of attendance
  • Alumni Hall: Inclusion in the Closed Group of graduates of the “School of Entrepreneurship”
  • Acquiring all lectures in electronic form


“Do you want excuses or results?” The choice is Yours!

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