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This Sales Secret Can Help You Conquer Aggressive Negotiators

Almost my entire career, I have had to deal with very shrewd business people in monster-size transactions. I often meet aggressive type A-personality buyers. They are intimidating and pushy, almost bully-like. I have even assumed this position to get the best deal for myself.

After 35 years of negotiating with these types, I discovered something that I know will help you. When dealing with the hard-nosed buyers or sellers, understand that the more they insist that they won’t, the more likely they will.

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The Magic Words Customers Want to Hear

Establishing customer service guidelines is nice, but you need to put those principles into action with everything you do and say. There are certain “magic words” that customers want to hear from you and your staff. Make sure all your employees understand the importance of these key words:

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Customer Experience’ Is Today’s Business Benchmark

Not so long ago, every business assumed that the keys to success were the highest quality product, the best value for the buck, and the best customer service. Now all we hear about is providing the best “customer experience.” Exactly what is that customer experience that every modern marketer is talking about?

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5 Steps to Cold Calling that Won’t Leave You Out in the Cold

We all agree that cold calling is not the most effective way to generate new business. But many of the sales professionals I work with who make a six-figure living tell me that effective cold call training was the basis for their sales success. So since we must cold call, how can we be sure of achieving great results, and have fun at the same time?

As successful sales people will tell you, what you need is a plan. My plan involves five simple steps that will ensure your cold calling, doesn’t leave you out in the cold:

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The 10 Laws of Sales Success

A recent Gallup poll on the honesty and ethical conduct of business professionals found that insurance salespeople and car salespeople ranked at the bottom of the list. Bet you’re not surprised to hear this. But did you know that it’s not just car salespeople who have a bad reputation? Bill Brooks of the Brooks Group estimates that more than 85 percent of customers have a negative view of all salespeople.

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How to Achieve your Sales Targets

Achieving your sales target is a primary goal of all sales organizations as well as sales professionals. Here are a few tips that you can use to meet and exceed their sales goals. Ask yourself these questions:

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3 Powerful Things You Must Have to Succeed in Sales

A key to successfully sharing and selling a product, service or idea, is to ask questions and then listen quietly and carefully to the answers. Many of us try too hard to convince people to buy instead of discovering what our future customer or client really wants needs and desires from us.

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3.5 BIG Questions and 3.5 BIGGER Answers

How come people don’t call me back?

People not calling you back is not a problem, it’s a symptom.

Here are some of the real reasons people don’t call you back:

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Coaching Sales People & Raising The Bar

Why does the sales team functions the way it does in todays’ corporations?  Additionally, what can and should be done to improve sales outcomes with the right sales leadership, management systems and process. Two “MUSTS” have been identified:  1) Any organization looking to improve the sales effectiveness of its sales group MUST identify, up front, what the problems, challenges, weaknesses, strengths and skills are of their sales group before investing any time, money or resources and 2) The company MUST have great sales management.

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Techniques for Achieving a Sales Target

Implementing sales techniques to successfully meet goals is most effective when used as part of a sales plan. There are many techniques to choose from, and with practice, small business owners and their sales staff will find the methods most suited to their personal style and business. Common sales techniques used by successful salespeople include breaking down large goals into smaller targets, setting activity goals, focusing on customer service and pursuing qualified sales leads.

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