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5 Steps to Creating More Customer Value

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. They are the source of current profits and the foundation of future growth. These 5 steps will help you find more ways to grow your business by better serving your best customers.

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Maintaining a Positive Attitude in the Workplace

With the current economy in a recession, it can be difficult to maintain a positive attitude in the workplace. In fact, sometimes it can seem like Mission Impossible. Instead of falling victim to the negative work attitudes that surround you, make an effort to buck the trend. Look for the good in your coworkers and your workplace. By learning how to communicate with coworkers effectively, you will gain recognition as a force of positive attitude in the workplace. Here are some beginning steps for how to communicate with coworkers effectively

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This Sales Secret Can Help You Conquer Aggressive Negotiators

Almost my entire career, I have had to deal with very shrewd business people in monster-size transactions. I often meet aggressive type A-personality buyers. They are intimidating and pushy, almost bully-like. I have even assumed this position to get the best deal for myself.

After 35 years of negotiating with these types, I discovered something that I know will help you. When dealing with the hard-nosed buyers or sellers, understand that the more they insist that they won’t, the more likely they will.

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Raise Prices Without Hurting Sales!

Are you considering raising your prices?

Many salespeople look at raising prices with a grain of salt, a double-edged sword if you will.

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The Magic Words Customers Want to Hear

Establishing customer service guidelines is nice, but you need to put those principles into action with everything you do and say. There are certain “magic words” that customers want to hear from you and your staff. Make sure all your employees understand the importance of these key words:

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15 Ways Successful People Approach Life Differently

In many ways successful people are just like unsuccessful people. They come from all sorts of backgrounds, all types of demographics, have all levels of education and experience and expertise….

In many ways successful people are the same as everyone else. Yet look closely and you’ll see that in certain key ways, they are very, very different.

Here are the qualities that set exceptional people apart:

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Closing Is Usually Not The Problem In B2B Sales

I’m working with a client at the moment that provides brilliant cloud solutions with a compelling business case. When I asked what their biggest challenges were within the sales team they said: “Many of them can’t seem to close… they want better closing techniques.”

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Friday People Vs Monday People

Friday People

Friday People can’t wait for the weekend. They can’t wait to get away from their jobs. They don’t enjoy their work enough to want to do any work outside of their scheduled hours. For Friday People, the end of the week is freedom.

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How to Convince Prospects to Switch

One of the most difficult skills to master in life is helping people make changes that will benefit them in the long run – even if it means annoyance or sacrifice in the short term. That could mean anything from getting a child to clean his or her room to convincing a customer to switch from a competitor’s brand to yours.

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Customer Experience’ Is Today’s Business Benchmark

Not so long ago, every business assumed that the keys to success were the highest quality product, the best value for the buck, and the best customer service. Now all we hear about is providing the best “customer experience.” Exactly what is that customer experience that every modern marketer is talking about?

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