Beyond Business Enterprises is a Sales Consulting and Business Development company that enables integrated solutions in the field of Sales and Business Development

If you are looking to increase your sales numbers, your sales force productivity, launch a new product or just guidance in your sales cycle, then we have you covered!

The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said

Our Services


1. Sales Training Seminars
2. Direct Sales Strategies
3. Outsourcing Sales services

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1. Business Consulting
2. Marketing Consulting
3. Sales Consulting

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Our Values

We consider honesty as a fundamental value in order to build a strong and profitable cooperation.

Working with us is based on integrity, honesty and confidentiality. For us, this means trust.

In our company we believe that each partner is unique and therefore all solutions must be personalized.

Meet the team!


Apostolis is an active and committed entrepreneur. Having lived in London for 10 years and having worked in big multinational companies by managing multi-million euro portfolios, he has developed an eye for detail something that makes him stand out of the crowd. His main focus is to keep his customers both satisfied and happy as he sees them not only as customers but also as contributors to their personal success.

If you don’t find him inside a meeting room discussing business, he will probably be at the beach doing Kite Surf!

He will be happy to receive a message from you in one of his social media links.


CEO & Founder,
Apostolos Tegopoulos